Shubh – Hub
“Memory’s a wonderful thing if you don’t have to deal with the past.” by Celine in Before Sunset


I blogged a lot in 2006 and this blog even became quite popular during that period. But then came 2007 and I went to b-school and the pressure led to reduced blogging. I have been blogging on and off during that period but it was not working. The blog lost followers, lost almost everything it had gained.

During the past few months I have seen a revival of my web activities. I started maintain my personal blog at Shubh-hub again. But I wanted to start something bigger and better.

The result is a new start, a new initiative called ‘Strat.In

Strat.In stands for Strategy Invented, Strategy Indianized, Strategizing! It is a project started by me and fellow grads from IIM Calcutta. The premise is to make a group blog bigger than all of us. I believe everyone has an interesting story to tell (well most people do) but if you ask them to tell an intersting story *everyday* then it will become boring but if they tell it once in a while then it will be fresh and amazing! At Strat.In people will post when they have an interesting story to tell and share with friends. We expect to have good discussions and involve people in the business community. If you are reading this I will encourage you to visit the site … and keep ‘‘g


I know! I know! This is a really bad habit of mine and I am really sorry for this.

I keep shifting my blog and do not maintain consistency and hence lots of links stop working, and lots of readers are lost, and infinite page views are wasted, and many more things.

To top it all this time even the URL will not remain the same 😦

So friends my new blog is at Yes you read it correctly, ShubhHub is back at BlogSpot where it started!

P.S. Hopefully this is the 2nd last time I will ever move my blog. The last time I will explain later.